HOME (Epilogue), Ayaka Kamei

HOME (Epilogue)

Premiere: May 18, 2024 Emma Theater Osnabrück.

HOME (Epilogue) is a 12 minutes solo piece, I created for the “Young Choreographers” evening in Emma Theater / Dance Company Osnabrück.
It’s a closure of the trilogy of HOME, what I’ve been looking for it through my life. And now I can feel my life guided me so organically to the state where I am now.
Here, now, in my body.

(Photos: Oliver Look)


Premiere: May 18, 2024 Emma Theater Osnabrück
Choreographer, stagedesign, dancer: Ayaka Kamei
Music editor, video: Jan van Triest
Choreographic assistant: László Nyakas
Choreographic coordination: Ayaka Kamei
Scenographic assistant: Magali Heibrock
Stage manager: Lisa Kerschkamp