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HOME (Epilogue)

Premiere: May 18, 2024 Emma Theater Osnabrück. HOME (Epilogue) is a 12 minutes solo piece, I created for the “Young Choreographers” evening in Emma Theater / Dance Company Osnabrück.It’s a closure of the trilogy of HOME, what I’ve been looking for it through my life. And now I can feel my life guided me so […]

Dwa – Zwei

Dwa, the Polish word for two, describes the Dance Company Osnabrück’s dance evening in three letters. A double bill in which two international choreographers present their own choreographic signature in new creations. “beginningend” by Maciej Kuźmiński builds his movements in space and creates physical geometry.“Position A” by Adi Salant flowing emerges from within, from the […]

HOME (Prologue)

Dance shortfilm, 11 minutes, winter 2021, made while corona-shutdown. CREDITS: Choreography: Ayaka KameiDirector: Jan van TriestCamera: Arthur StashakLight operator: Dieter HallmannSet assistant: Leonie Holtkamp Premiere: January 24, 2021 for OPEN WINDOWS IX